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Microsoft Outlook email problems relating to sending and receiving messages can be a lot to deal with. In some cases, the emails are never sent, while in others, they tarry. Sometimes they are logged in the Synchronization Log messages in the \Sync Issues folder, while during others, they cannot be found in the Inbox folder.

Sometimes, you get errors in messages sent form other programs, including if the sender dispatched the message during a mail merge. Another common issue is that you cannot find suggestions in the recipient field when making your message.

Microsoft Outlook email problems such as the above can occur due to many reasons, such as interference from third party software, Outlook being deprived of resources, etc. Many of the times, these can be easily resolved using the Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is designed to analyze and fix many of sources, which the problem may have originated from. If your particular issues is in the list of those detected until now, then running this tool can fix it summarily.

Scan Your Outlook Configuration With OffCAT

Outlook Issues
Outlook Errors

Start the program, and follow the instructions below for Windows 8 and older.

  • On the I Want To Scan page that comes up, choose Outlook.
  • Ensure that Outlook is running at this time, and hit Scan.
  • Move to the All Issues tab and choose Filter If this tab is not available, then it means OffCAT did not find any issue that it recognized. Not that it means there are no issues.
  • Choose the Select All Choose all the symptoms shown in the list and hit OK.
  • If you select one of the symptoms, it will expand to show more information on the particular issue. Go to the Click here to see possible online solutions to this issue link and see if there is a resolution listed on the page. Follow the steps listed there, and then check to see if you have the same Microsoft Outlook email problems.

These are some of the things you can do to resolve Microsoft Outlook email problems in your PC. If you face any Outlook issues, which cannot be solved in this way, then get in touch with experts technicians for advanced help.

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