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What does pinning mean in computer terminology? In Windows 7, it is the process of adding a shortcut to a software. You can pin a program, which you often use to do any task. A couple of places in which you can find programs are the desktop Taskbar and the Start menu, of course. Pinning a software to either place makes it simpler and quicker to start or launch it, saving a few more clicks that you would usually make to navigate to it.

If you do not you a software in the Taskbar or Start menu, you can also unpin that from either place. It all depends upon which method to start a program you are comfortable with, so you can configure according to that.

Steps to Lock and Unlock the Taskbar

In case you need to make changes to the Windows Taskbar, first you have to unlock it. When the Taskbar is locked, it stops users from making changes to it. That is usually to avoid changes, which happen by mistake like via click of the mouse and/or drag and drop. Even if you are proficient at using the system, these things may happen by mistake.

  • Right-click on an empty area in the Taskbar to reveal the shortcut menu.
  • Check if Lock the taskbar option is selected in the shortcut menu. If it has a tick mark, then clear the selection in it to unlock the Taskbar.
  • When done, you can add or remove a program to the Taskbar, and expand its size as well.

Lock Taskbar

Note that after adding a program or after configuring this option, you can also Lock the taskbar to avoid accidental changes in the future.

Steps to Pin a Program to the Taskbar of Windows 7 by Clicking

For easy explanation, a program is mentioned here as an example. However, the method to pin to Windows Taskbar remains the same as mentioned below. You only need to do it for the software you often use.

  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard to make the Start menu to appear. Right-click on the malware removal software you have installed in your computer, and select Pin to Taskbar from the pop-up menu.
  • It will then appear in your system’s Taskbar.

Pin To Taskbar

Pin a Program by Dragging and Dropping it to the Taskbar

  • Click on the icon of the malware removal program, hold the left mouse button, drag it to an empty space on the Taskbar, and release the button when Pin to Taskbar pops up.

Steps to Unpin a Program in Taskbar

For that, right-click on its icon pinned in the Taskbar and select Unpin this program from taskbar option from the context menu that pops up.

Pin a Software to Windows Start Menu

Not all program shortcuts appear in the first list of the Start menu. This depends on whether you added it upon or just after installing a program in Windows. One of your often-used programs in the operating system may be the Solitaire, Minesweeper, or Chess game. If you play any of those games every now and then, you can pin it to the Start menu. If you do that, it will appear in the first list that shows up when you click on the Start button.

  • Press the Windows key to make the Start menu appear, click All Programs and navigate to Games.
  • Right-click on any game of your choice, and select Pin to Start Menu from the shortcut menu.

Pin Software

Unpin a Software from Windows Start Menu

To remove the pinned software from there, find the pinned program in the Start menu, right-click on the software, and click on Unpin from Start Menu option from the pop-up list of options.

How to Pin a Document

To pin an MS Word document, which you open each day to check something, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Firstly, pin the Word program to the Taskbar using the above-mentioned steps.
  • Click on your document file, hold the mouse button, drag it to the Word shortcut pinned in the Taskbar and release the button when Pin to Microsoft Office Word

Likewise, you can pin a Spreadsheet document that contains frequently accessed information. To open either document through the Taskbar shortcut, right-click on it and select the document from the pinned items list. If you want to remove the pinned document, you only need to right-click on the shortcut in the Taskbar, right-click on the pinned item, and select Unpin from this list.

That was how to pin and unpin documents and software on the Taskbar and the Start menu. If you require assistance with anything else, feel free to get in touch with our computer tech support professionals.


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