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It is normal to forget the password of a Windows computer. If you have not configured a hint or if it does not help you to sign in to Windows, you would certainly want to know what to do next to get into the operating system. For that, follow the steps mentioned in this guide on how to reset the Windows 7 password.

Boot from a Windows Setup Disc or Flash Drive

To start, you will have to boot from a Windows install disc or a flash drive. If you do not have an OS setup disc, you can temporarily borrow it from someone. You need not bother about using somebody else’s media, as you will not be entering a product activation key or invalidating yours for doing this system repair procedure.

In case you are booting from a setup disc, then wait for a message that tells you to Press any key to boot from CD or DVD or something similar, and follow the instruction. Then, you may see Windows is loading files dialog box. If you see it, or a System Recovery Options or Install Windows screens, you are good to proceed to the subsequent step.

Booting Options

On the Install Windows or the setup screen with the OS logo, check that the time, language, and keyboard options work and click on Next. Note that you are not going to or do not have to install the OS as part of its password resetting process, so do not click on the Install now button. Instead, select Repair your computer option or link at the bottom of the Install Windows screen.

Subsequently, you will see a couple of windows, both titled System Recovery Options. The window on the top of another one reads Searching for Windows installations… Wait for this window to disappear, and you can proceed to the subsequent step.

Once the above-mentioned window is gone, ensure the radio button Use recovery tools that can help fix problems is selected. Take a note of the Drive letter that is shown below Location. This will most likely be D:, but it may be different depending upon how you actually set up the OS.

Note that while you may have seen the drive in which it is installed in as C: while using the computer, most systems are set up with a recovery drive that is normally concealed from view. In other words, it can be seen when in the System Recovery options screen. Once you have taken note of the drive letter, select Windows 7 from it, and click on Next.

From the available recovery tools list shown on System Recovery Options, click Command Prompt. Follow the instructions or prompts to open it. Once it is open, key in copy d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\, and press the Enter key. When it is executed rightly, the “1 file(s) copied.” message will be shown below the command string. Then, the system will prompt you to do something. Just follow the instruction.

Command Prompt

Subsequently, key in copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe, and press Enter. Once you executive the above command, you are prompted with the following question:

Overwrite d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe? (Yes/No/All):

Key in Yes or Y at the prompt that flashes on the screen and press Enter again. As with the previous command, you should see the message “1 file(s) copied.” that confirms the command was successfully executed.

Also note that if the above-mentioned drive letter that you noted was not D:, then use the applicable letter to you in place of all instances of the said letter in the aforementioned commands.

Reset the Windows Password

With the Command Prompt open, reset the password of your computer to anything you would like to use and feel easy to remember. The basic command for that is as follows, but you have to type your Windows username and password in place of them in the command and press Enter.

net user username password

You should see the message that reads, “The command completed successfully”. Now close the Command Prompt window, and click on the field titled Password. Type the new Password and click on the arrow button or press Enter to log in to Windows.

Command Completion

If you are prompted with a “username or password is incorrect” message, then click on OK, and create a new password again. That should help to fix your problems. However, note that you should also create a password reset disk to deal with future events. If you are not sure how to do it, then feel free to get in touch with our online computer repair professionals for assistance.

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