Product Activation Failed Office 2010
Office 2010 Activation

If your computer came with a pre-installed version of Office suite 2010, chances are high that it is not activated, unless you have bought it. Consequently, you would receive the error message saying ‘Product Activation Failed Office 2010’ each time when you try to open a program from the Office suite, say MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, etc. In this scenario, you need to know how to activate Office 2010 in order to use this service without any interruptions.

Microsoft offers two methods for activating Office 2010 suite, by the internet and by phone. Following are the steps to activate Office 2010 productivity suite. Make sure that you have installed the program already on your computer. If not, install it first and then proceed with the below steps of activating.


  • Turn on your computer and navigate to Start Select all programs and choose Microsoft Office from the menu.
  • When Microsoft Office is up, select the File tab, followed by Help. You will find the option Activate Key in this section.
  • Select the option that says Activate by using the internet. When you try to activate Office suite by internet, your product ID will be automatically sent to Microsoft. Once the key has been successfully transferred to Microsoft’s servers, you would receive a confirmation message that your Office suite activation has been successful.
  • If the internet activation method did not go well, you can proceed with the alternative activation option; by phone. For this, you need to click the button that says Activate by using the telephone. Make sure that you are sitting before your computer and have the product key at hand when you contact Microsoft support desk for activating your Office suite.

    How To Activate Office 2010
    Microsoft Office 2010 Suite
  • Note down the toll free number displayed on your screen to contact the Microsoft support desk. Remember that the phone number varies depending on the region you are located. When they ask for the verification details, provide them with your product ID.
  • After processing your product ID, the Microsoft representatives would provide you with a confirmation ID that you need to type in appropriate field in the activation wizard screen. After entering the ID, click the Enter button and you are done.

You have successfully activated your Office 2010. Restart your computer now and you would no longer receive any product activation failed Office 2010 error message.

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