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Browser Certificate Error

Website security certificates are one of the measures in place for keeping web surfers safe from malicious content online. This is used by all the famous browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, to make sure the sites visited are safe for the user’s computer.

How this works is that a file is kept on the secure server (this is the certificate), so that the authenticity of the site’s author can be determined. This may be a business or a merchant, and when the site asks the user to give out personal information (such as banking details, credit cards, or Social Security number), the browser in turn seeks identification from the site.

There are times when the secure certificate for a site is written incorrectly, and this causes an error when the user tried to load the site. This may happen with websites that you know can be trusted, where the browser will not allow you to enter it. This is often called a browser certificate error.

How To Fix Certificate Error

  • Find out the type of error you are looking at. It is usually one of three common kinds in certificate handling: the PC does not recognize the certificate; the certificate is outdated; the URL attached to the certificate is wrong. Visit the site again and wait for the error to come up. Read the message carefully to understand the reason for validation not going through.
  • In the address bar, hit the button that says View Certificates when you place the cursor on it. If you do not have this option in the browser you are on, then find a way to view the current certificates.

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  • If you are on IE, hit Install Certificate. Other browser will have something similar, which allows you to install new certificates. After that is done, choose Next, and then Finish.
  • When installing, you will be asked for confirmation; hit Yes. This will install the certificate in the computer.

That was on how to fix certificate error issues in your browser. After this, you will not have the same error when you visit that particular site. The certificate from their servers has been installed in your computer, which means the browser sees it as a trusted domain.

Since you are essentially telling the browser to stop worrying about the safety of the specific site, make sure before installing the certificate that it is actually a secure website. If you do not trust it, then it is pointless setting the browser to do the same, simply because you want to visit a web page.

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