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Slow Computer Issues

You can confirm that there is something wrong with your PC or laptop if the device is running slowly. It is wiser to give your system a reboot initially, as it will help you to fix some of the problems.

Rebooting your system is a smart and quick way to fix the issues, rather than trying to manually troubleshoot the device. If your PC is running on Windows 7, 8, or 10, then here are a few tips, which will help you out when you see your computer running slow.

Clean Your PC

The first step to speed up your PC is to use an accurate tool to clean up your device. These tools will help you to easily clean your PC of junk files and bloatware and they automatically keep your device clean. In addition to that, you can also remove the unwanted applications from your PC to free up the memory space.

Find Resource-Hungry Programs

If your PC is running slowly, then it means that something is eating up the CPU resources. If your device suddenly gets slow then a resource hungry program might be using a major part of your resources. You can effectively solve this issue by finding the program and terminating it.

Close System Tray Programs

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Speed Up Your PC

There are many applications in your PC, which prefer to run in the notification area or in the system tray. Some of these applications start to run when you switch on the PC and they continue to operate in the background. However, they remain hidden in the bottom right corner of your screen, eventually making your computer running slow. So, right click on the icons and close the unwanted applications that are running in the background.

Disable Startup Programs

Disabling the startup programs is another effective way to speed up your PC. Disabling these programs will help you to save the CPU cycles, memory, and it will even speed up the login process. Windows will tell you the applications that are slowing down the starting process, which means that you can easily remove them.

Reduce Animations

We all know that operating systems use more than a few animations, but many users do not know the fact that these animations can actually make your PC a bit slower. For instance, disabling the associated animations will help your operating system to instantly maximize and minimize the windows. Therefore, reducing the number of animations might help you to speed up the device.

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