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In Microsoft Outlook, you can create a signature and add it with all your outgoing emails. By adding a signature with your outgoing emails, you can leave a personal identity with your emails. The following steps explain how to add a signature in Microsoft Outlook.


  • Open Outlook by double-clicking the Outlook icon on your desktop and navigate to the tab titled File. Choose Options from the menu.
  • In the Options menu, choose the tab labeled Mail.
  • After that, click on the link that says Create or modify signature for messages. This will open a new screen. In the new screen, select the button labeled Signature. This will display yet another screen labeled Signature and Stationary. Choose the tab titled E-mail Signature from the resulting menu. Click New to continue.
  • Add a name to the signature if you wish. By default, it will be named New Signature. Proceed by clicking the OK
  • Your signature will be displayed under the box that says Select Signature to Edit.
  • Now, go to the Edit Signature field and customize your signature. It is possible to give your signature your favorite font, color, or size. It is also possible to add business card or image. Once you are done with making the changes in your signature, save it by clicking the OK
  • Thereafter, exit the Edit Signature
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If you have set up multiple email accounts in your Outlook application, work out the below steps to add independent signature for each of your accounts.

  • Go to the Signature and Stationary screen and choose the email account for which you wish to add the signature. To access the said screen, follow the instructions given above. After accessing the screen, choose the email account from the dropdown options which is located at the right side of the screen. You should find the option that says Choose Default Signature
  • Once done, click OK to save the changes and exit the screen.

You have seen how to add or customize signature in Microsoft Outlook. Being the most popular email client application out there, Outlook offers multiple options and features to its users.

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