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Fixing The Outlook PST File Size Error

Annoying Outlook Errors

Outlook email client is a very useful application when it comes to sending and receiving messages, keeping in touch with friends and colleagues, and staying on top of things which need to be dealt with, whether at the office, or at home. This email client stores all of your important data locally so that you’re able to access it even when your internet speed drops. But sometimes the size of the thing goes up so much that it gets unwieldy, and this slows down the application.

The 2007 version of Outlook is outfitted to be able to handle a 20GB data file at the maximum, while Outlook 2010 can manage 50GB of data. The size limits can be raised manually, though this would almost always impede optimal performance. The sensible thing to do, as you’ve probably guessed already, is cut down the size of the PST file. That’s how to fix Outlook errors you might be facing, such as a noticeable lag in the application, before it responds to a command.

You’ll need to go to the location where the PST files are stored in the PC. Find and select the file, and compact it, so that the size is reduced.

That was on how to fix Outlook errors arising from the size of the mailbox. For this, you can use the Cleanup Tools button, and then choose Mailbox Cleanup. Though the size of the PST file will remain the same after compacting it, it will have considerably more blank space in it, which the application can use for speed.