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How To Fix Outlook Mail Issues

Outlook Mail Protocol

One of the common steps for troubleshooting when you cannot receive email in Outlook is setting up a new profile to use. Sometimes this takes care of whatever is wrong in the mail delivery system, but if it does not, there are other steps you can take. Have you checked if the connection uses TCP/IP? This needs to be the default protocol for mail to go in or out, so ensuring this is in the configuration is where you should start.

First, go to Network Connection Properties. To get there in XP or Windows 2000, perform the following steps depending on the version of Windows you are on.

For later version, you simply need to type Network Connections in search and then select the properties of the connection. If you have more than one connection in this window, the one you are using will likely say Connected, so chose this one.

Making Sure Outlook Is Using TCP/IP

After this is done, try out the connection to see if it works – send yourself an email and see if it arrives. If that is working fine, you have solved the mail receiving problem.

TCP/IP In Outlook

Other reasons cannot receive email in Outlook are:

That was on setting up TCP/IP as your default protocol in Outlook, and alternate factors, which might be preventing mail from coming in.