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How to Remove Shortcut Virus from a Laptop

Remove Shortcut Virus

Most of the computer users often use USB flash drives, SD cards, or external hard disks to copy or transfer files and other data from one computer to another. Unfortunately, several computer users pay zero attention to the fact that transferring data from a virus-infected PC to other computers might make them also infected.

This is the major reason why you should install an anti-virus program on your computer and scan all the external storage devices before you open them from your PC. This will help you to prevent the chances of virus and malware infection on your computer.

If all the files in an external storage device that you have just connected to your computer are displayed as shortcuts, then you can confirm that a shortcut virus has infected your PC. Before you proceed to any other step, plug in another USB flash drive and check whether you are experiencing the same error.

If yes, you will need to immediately remove the shortcut virus from your computer in order to protect the files and data in the device. If you have no prior knowledge on how to remove shortcut virus from a laptop or PC, below are a few simple set of steps that will help you to accomplish it with ease.

Using Command Prompt for Shortcut Virus Removal

Now, run a full scan of your computer to ensure that your PC is free from virus and malware infections. If you detect any kind of issues, perform the necessary steps for shortcut virus removal. If you have no clear idea on how to remove shortcut virus from a PC, it is best to get in touch with a computer tech support team for help.