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Steps to Run Check Disk in Windows 10

Running Check Disk

CHKDSK is the short form for Check Disk Utility that checks the state of the hard drive. The utility also try to correct any errors that it finds. CHKDSK can be helpful in troubleshooting disk read errors and other storage related errors of the hard drive. There are more than one ways in which you can start the CHKDSK utility in the Windows 10 operating system. Rather than whining “my computer is slow,” follow this tutorial that explains the three common ways to perform disk check in Windows 10.

Run CHKDSK via This PC

To run check disk through This PC, follow the steps that are given below.

Run CHKDSK via Command Prompt

Run CHKDSK from Cortana

These are the three different ways to run the check disk utility in the Windows 10 operating system. If your Windows 10 computer is running slow, you can follow any of the above steps explained above to check and fix disk errors.