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Tips For Debugging Shockwave Flash

Shockwave Flash Issues

Shockwave Flash or SWF is a file format that is used to embed animated or flash-based movies in websites. These can be found embedded in websites that make use of animated slides, ads or games. If you find that you are not able to play a specific SWF object in a web page, you may try out the troubleshooting tips provided here. These steps would help you understand how to fix Shockwave Flash without having to reinstall or change your current web browser.

Enabling Shockwave Flash Object

Restart the Internet Explorer browser now. Try accessing the web page that has the Shockwave files. The SWF file should be able to load without issues now.

Installing Shockwave Player

Restart the web browser as before and check if the web page is able to load. The web page would work now if the issue was caused due to a missing or corrupt Shockwave Player.

Using Windows Flash Player 10.1 ActiveX Control Content Debugger

These are the three common troubleshooting steps that explain how to fix Shockwave Flash issues. Check for updates concerning the add-on and install them periodically to prevent such issues in the future.