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Troubleshooting Host Issues In Google Chrome

Fix Google Chrome Issues

Google Chrome has emerged as the most popular web browser out there. It is popular across all platforms, both desktop and mobile. Faster browsing experience and simple user interface are the two major features that make people attracted to Google Chrome. Furthermore, the browser enjoys better tech support. Users can quickly find forums on how to fix Google Chrome issues and find guidelines to fix specific problems with the browser.

Google Chrome allows you to customize your browser so that it works efficiently in accordance with your needs. The areas that you can modify include visual themes, privacy preferences, Flash and plug-ins. While using Chrome, the user is allowed to modify the aspects of the program or application in use. However, you may come across unwanted issues after you make so many changes in the Chrome settings. Restoring Chrome back to the default settings would fix all the issues in an instant.

How To Know If Personalized Chrome Settings Is The Cause Of Problems

Before restoring Chrome back to the default settings, it is good to verify whether the current issues you are facing are actually resulting from the any changes in the Chrome configuration. If you receive the error message “Resolving Host”, it is sign that some of changes in configuration are the cause of the problem. You can fix this problem by disabling the DNS prefetching service in Chrome. Follow the below instructions for the same.


You have seen how to fix Google Chrome issues. Keep your browser updated to avoid frequent crashing or similar issues.