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How to Troubleshoot and Fix Firewall Issues in Windows 10

Windows Firewall Issues

There are many security features in Windows 10 that protects data safely from hackers and malicious programs. Windows Firewall is one such security feature that prevents unauthorized access to your personal computer and blocks any potentially harmful programs.

Even though the built-in Windows firewall works well to block popups in Chrome and so, there could be some errors or related issues in the program under certain circumstances. Sometimes, some remote assisting features or apps may not work because they might have been blocked by Windows 10 Firewall. If you experience such problems, you can use the automated Windows Firewall Troubleshooter tool to find and fix the issues. Below is how to use the tool.


Using the information obtained, you can ask for help in Windows Central forums. This information will also come handy when you get in touch with a computer tech support team for help with the error.

Resetting the Firewall Settings

If the troubleshooter did not find any issue that caused the error, then the problem might be due to a previously configured setting on your device. To fix this, you should remove the customized configuration and restore the default settings using the following steps.

Steps to Allow Applications through Windows Firewall

If the cause of the trouble is due to an app getting blocked, follow the steps below to enable the application in firewall.