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Excel is a wonderful application. It is included in Microsoft’s Office productivity suite. It is simple to use. You do not have to be a tech geek or software expert to use this program. In this article, you would find the basic steps to get started with using Excel and troubleshoot minor issues like Excel not responding. Microsoft Word help line describes common Excel problems and the detailed troubleshooting steps.

How To Create A New File In Excel

  • Right-click on an empty space in the desktop and select New from the resulting menu. This will display another drop-down menu. Choose Microsoft Excel Work Sheet from the resulting menu to continue. This will create a new Excel file on the desktop. Rename the file as you wish and then double-click it to open.
  • In order to open an existing Excel file, go to the File tab at the top of the screen and select Open. This will display the already created Excel files. Click on the desired file to open it.

Edit Or Update Excel File

You can modify existing Excel files in simple steps. To do that, open an existing file and go to the specific cell that you wish to modify. You can make use of the scroll bars at the sides as well as bottom to view the cells at your convenience on the computer screen. Once you are done with modifying the data in the cells, click Ctrl + S keys on your keyboard to save the file.

Microsoft Word Help Line
Microsoft Excel Help Line

You will need to follow a different procedure in order to modify the data in the cells without formatting the existing data. Open the Excel file and choose the file through the Format menu. You can find it at the top of the screen. Choose the type of editing option you wish to proceed with. You can choose from a number of options such as font, border, alignment, pattern, general, protection, and number. When done with your editing works, click the OK button. This will format or modify the cells the way you desired.

Excel is simple to use. However, it takes a bit of time to become thorough with the basic. So regular practicing is necessary. Along with learning how to use Excel, try to pick up on the steps to troubleshoot issues like Excel not responding.

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