Malware Removal

Are you getting lot of pop-ups on your computer or laptop? Have you experienced some weird problems in your PC lately? If so, it is a sign that some virus, spyware, adware, or other malware has infected your computer, even though you have installed an antivirus program.

It is true that other issues like hardware failure can lead to similar symptoms, but it is best to check for malware infection if your computer is acting up. If you are not sure that your PC is infected, you can seek help from our expert malware removal technicians to find and fix potential threats and issues.

Our team of computer tech support experts is capable of finding and removing any kind of malware infection in your computer or laptop. The basic steps that are performed by professionals at Instant Tech Support are explained below.

Malware Removal From Your PC

Your computer should be disconnected from the internet before trying to remove malware, as this will help prevent spreading of the malware. Besides, if your computer is infected by a malware, it should be booted into Safe Mode, as only the minimum services and programs that are necessary to turn on the computer are loaded in Safe Mode.

If there are malware programs in your computer that are set to load at startup, entering Safe Mode will prevent these programs from loading. If you notice that your computer is running faster in Safe Mode, this could be a sign of infection. However, it could also mean that you have too many programs in your PC that run automatically upon computer startup.

After proper diagnosis of your slow running computer, professionals at Instant Tech Support will use the disk cleanup utility and remove all the unnecessary temporary files that are stored in your computer. This will free up the memory space of your PC, and boost its speed. Using the cleanup tool will also remove some of the malware from your computer.

Our computer repair team will then run a malware scanner on your PC and remove all the hidden malware infections. Our technicians may use real time antivirus programs and on demand scanners to search for and remove the malware infections as well. We will also ensure that only one real time antivirus program is installed in your PC, as installing more than one real time antivirus program at the same time can drastically slow down your PC.