Computer Virus Removal
Computer Virus Removal

All of us know that a computer virus is nothing but a computer program or a bunch of codes that are pushed into one’s computer without his or her knowledge and consent. The term VIRUS can be expanded as Vital Information Resources Under Seize. A virus is known for its unique quality to replicate itself and spoil the machine by disturbing its program structure. Knowing the popular viruses will help you learn how they usually infect and can avoid your device from getting infected.

History Of Virus

The history of viruses takes us back to the spring of 1999, when a man named David Smith, a computer programmer himself, created a computer virus based on Microsoft Word macro and managed to spread it through e-mail messages.

The virus developed by Smith destroyed computer programs after entering one and spread itself from one computer to another through emails, networks, or even through physical drives. Most other viruses have the same effect and aim to either destroy or steal the computer’s data.

How Do Different Viruses Attack The System?

A computer virus-like Mesilla requires a host program, a platform, to run. Another type of virus is called a worm (like ILOVEYOU) is an application. It doesn’t require a host program to run, replicates itself, and spread through computer networks. The next version, known to be the Trojan horse, is a program that pretends to be another file and carry out different functions. Some might damage a host’s hard drive or another may create a backdoor to enable a remote user to take control of the victim’s computer system.

Some of the viruses like Klez virus carries other harmful programs that could affect and leave a victim’s computer completely inoperable. These viruses could act like a normal computer virus, a worm, a trojan horse, or all together. This program sometimes even disable one’s virus-scanning software by posing as a virus removal tool.

Another interesting factor is that these viruses may carry very sweet names to attract the victim to open them. So, many anti-virus software has come up from various computer programmers to defend these unethical traders.

The worst part of this business is that most of the manufacturers of anti-virus are solely responsible for creating and spreading the virus initially. It’s just similar to the drug manufacturers who are also known to be responsible for spreading viruses or bacteria responsible for diseases.

What Can You Do?

Virus Removal
Virus Removal

It’s always important to own an updated antivirus program on your computer. But, using more than one anti-virus suite at the same time will make us mad since multiple computer virus removal programs can interfere with one another. So, be aware of the source incoming mails and invitations which can save our time and money.

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