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As the name just indicates, Blue Screen of Death error is a deadly computer problem. You would face it in almost all Windows operating systems. But is contacting Windows technical support the only option to repair Windows errors of this sort? Well, if you are sort of a tech geek who manages to find time to investigate and troubleshoot frequent computer problems, you can get it fixed without taking much time.

Blue Screen Of Death – Causes

The Windows technical support desk lists down several causes for Blue Screen of Death error and it may be difficult to fix the problem if you go after these causes. Here, you will find some of the common methods to troubleshoot Blue Screen of Death error.

Restart Your Computer In Safe Mode

Normal restart is not possible when Blue Screen of Death error occurs. Therefore, you need to force-restart by pressing the power button. When the computer is being restarted, press down the F8 key to get access to the Advanced Boot Options. When the Advanced Boot options screen appear, select the Safe Mode.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select Safe Mode. When your computer is rebooted in Safe Mode, you will be provided with only limited options and features. However, they will be enough to fix the problem.

Alternative Repair Options

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If you could not fix the problem by restarting your computer in Safe Mode, do not worry. There are yet other troubleshooting options. Here is an alternative method.

Reboot your computer by pressing the power button. When the computer is being rebooted, you will find a screen asking you to choose various options. Choose the option that says Repair Your Computer. This will take you to the Advanced Boot Options. When the options are displayed, choose the option that says Start Repair. Read the on-screen directions carefully and follow accordingly.

System Restore Option

If neither of the aforementioned options helped you fix the Blue Screen of Death problem, execute the System Restore utility. This utility helps you take your computer back to the former stage. To access this option, restart the PC and then navigate to the Advanced Boot options. In the advanced boot options screen, choose System Restore and proceed with the onscreen directions.

You have successfully repaired your computer from the Blue Screen of Death error. If the issue seems to be too complicated to fix, get in touch with Windows technical support.

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